Welcome & Thank You for Visiting

Welcome & Thank You for Visiting

On August 16th, 2011, three days before her 44th birthday, Connie was diagnosed with "Infiltrating Ductal Carcinoma, Grade 3". In other words, breast cancer.

Battling cancer, no matter what form, is a difficult and frightening time for both those with the disease and their loved ones. Having strong moral support is important for everyone involved.

As the reality sinks in and we adjust to the new landscape, we realize we can't do this alone. We're reaching out to ask you for your moral support as Connie prepares to do battle with breast cancer.

Through this blog, we'll post updates on Connie's progress and offer a place for you to send words of encouragement and messages of support.

The burden of added medical expenses on top of day-to-day living expenses is mountainous. As a family, we're doing everything we can, but still it isn't enough. We're calling all angels who might consider donating to a fund for Connie and her family to relieve some of the stress so that Connie can concentrate on her recovery and get back to doing what she does best as loving mother, partner, sister, caregiver and friend.

Monday, September 19, 2011

MRI Update

Hi Friends,

Just to update you, Connie went in for her MRI today. It will be a few days before the results are sent to her doctor and then read to Connie. At that point a second surgery will be scheduled. The extent of that surgery will be determined by the MRI results. We do know that chemo will follow the surgery. Hopefully we'll know more by the end of the week. I'll post another update at that time.

My primary care physician, Dr. Janelle Hupp, had almost the exact same type of breast cancer, even down to the size of the tumor and treatment protocol. I asked her to call Connie and share her experience and gratefully she did. She and Connie spent a fair amount of time talking one evening this past week. Three years cancer free now, Dr. Hupp, reassured Connie that she's on the right path. The advice given that meant the most was to simply relax. It's not only what Connie needed to hear, but what I needed to hear as well. It's been such a stressful time; the fear of the unknown always lingering in our thoughts most every minute of every day.   

The timing is bad, with Connie’s upcoming surgery, and we’ve certainly debated whether to cancel or not, but in the end John and I have decided to move forth with a trip we’ve had planned for over a year now with John’s folks in celebration of their 50th wedding anniversary which was this past Sept 9th. We’ll be gone from Sept 27-Oct 9 and will most likely miss her surgery. I’m asking you to send your best to Connie during this time. If you’d like to post to the blog, send your email address to me at ktlandes@yahoo.com before Monday, Sept 26 and I'll add you to the list of bloggers and send you a link to follow. If you’d rather send a message via email. Her address is cmhicks100@yahoo.com. Send to her your positive thoughts, prayers, good karma, funny jokes, carrot cake... whatever you've got. Please help lift her spirits with the knowledge that you're thinking of her; that she's not alone, that this too shall pass.

All my best to you.

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