Welcome & Thank You for Visiting

Welcome & Thank You for Visiting

On August 16th, 2011, three days before her 44th birthday, Connie was diagnosed with "Infiltrating Ductal Carcinoma, Grade 3". In other words, breast cancer.

Battling cancer, no matter what form, is a difficult and frightening time for both those with the disease and their loved ones. Having strong moral support is important for everyone involved.

As the reality sinks in and we adjust to the new landscape, we realize we can't do this alone. We're reaching out to ask you for your moral support as Connie prepares to do battle with breast cancer.

Through this blog, we'll post updates on Connie's progress and offer a place for you to send words of encouragement and messages of support.

The burden of added medical expenses on top of day-to-day living expenses is mountainous. As a family, we're doing everything we can, but still it isn't enough. We're calling all angels who might consider donating to a fund for Connie and her family to relieve some of the stress so that Connie can concentrate on her recovery and get back to doing what she does best as loving mother, partner, sister, caregiver and friend.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Happy Holidays!

Dear Followers,

I apologize for not updating the blog sooner. Life has been interesting lately to say the least. Personal challenges have tested my spirit, but have not swayed my perspective on what’s most important this holiday season, and that is seeing that my sister Connie is comfortable and as free from stress as possible. Connie’s last chemo treatment on Wednesday, December 14 went better than the one before. She tires more easily but who wouldn’t after having your body pumped with harsh, non-discriminating cell-killing chemicals. My husband and I were talking about this and wondering how it can be that medical research hasn’t come up with a way for cancer fighting drugs to target only the affected cells. The treatments can be devastating with reactions that vary from mild nausea to permanent organ damage or worse. It is our only wish that Connie’s treatment result in the permanent cessation of the spread of this cancer.

Three weeks from her last chemo treatment will begin a new phase. She’ll then begin receiving chemo every week, as opposed to every three weeks for the next 12 weeks.  We’re hopeful that the drugs used prove to be more tolerable.

Unfortunately, family medical leave benefits run out on December 30 leaving them wholly responsible for payment of her medical insurance premiums; a daunting task without a paycheck and in the midst of chemo treatments with surgery to follow. On top of this, she has received notice that her job, as of December 30, is no longer secure and open to other applicants. Happy Holidays.

So, our next steps are unsure as of today but guaranteed that we will leave no stone unturned when searching for ways to help provide financial support throughout this journey. Everyone feels the affects of our depressed economy and is either in the same financial boat or knows someone who is. Knowing this makes it difficult to ask for help especially at this time of year, but what is life really about if not to help one another? Isn’t it about people, not things? What do we really need? I’m reminded of a Face book post I just saw that showed a picture of starving kids with their hands outstretched next to shoppers with arms full of holiday wrap and an abundance of gifts. The point is made with the wording “Define necessity”. My life mentor, dear family friend and surrogate father once asked me, “Kelly, what is the most important word?” I answered that “love” is the most important word. He said yes it’s a very important word, but more important is the word “others”. Thank you Hank. Your loving kindness and generosity of time, support and spirit made a positive impact on my life and will never be forgotten.

The support we have already received from loved ones, friends and community is heart-felt beyond belief, acknowledged and so appreciated. I love you all and thank you. As we put together a list of ideas on fund raising, please keep our family in mind and in your prayers. If you can help in any way we will be forever grateful.

This holiday and in the coming year I wish you and loved ones peace and good health.

Merry Christmas!