Welcome & Thank You for Visiting

Welcome & Thank You for Visiting

On August 16th, 2011, three days before her 44th birthday, Connie was diagnosed with "Infiltrating Ductal Carcinoma, Grade 3". In other words, breast cancer.

Battling cancer, no matter what form, is a difficult and frightening time for both those with the disease and their loved ones. Having strong moral support is important for everyone involved.

As the reality sinks in and we adjust to the new landscape, we realize we can't do this alone. We're reaching out to ask you for your moral support as Connie prepares to do battle with breast cancer.

Through this blog, we'll post updates on Connie's progress and offer a place for you to send words of encouragement and messages of support.

The burden of added medical expenses on top of day-to-day living expenses is mountainous. As a family, we're doing everything we can, but still it isn't enough. We're calling all angels who might consider donating to a fund for Connie and her family to relieve some of the stress so that Connie can concentrate on her recovery and get back to doing what she does best as loving mother, partner, sister, caregiver and friend.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hi Everyone!

This is the first of many posts you'll receive regarding my sister Connie's fight with breast cancer. Her surgery on Tuesday, August 23 was a lumpectomy and went well. The surgeon removed three affected lymph nodes. From what we've heard they were found to be smaller that originally suspected. This is good news. Connie should get the results perhaps tomorrow or next Tuesday when she goes in for her follow-up appt. Despite some lingering pain and stiffness, she is doing well, getting up and around. Thanks for your continued prayers and well wishes. Through this site Connie will be able to see your comments directly instead of word of mouth through me. I imagine she's getting tired of hearing from only me. :-)


  1. It was so great to talk to Connie yesterday, she was upbeat and positive as always.
    Here in Missouri at my winery we are in the beginning phases of setting up a fundraiser along with "The Snobby Little Wine Club" and "Drink to Pink" both Breast Cancer Awareness and fund raising groups.
    We have worked with both groups to much success in the past and are hoping we can duplicate these successes in order to help Connie win this battle.
    On a personal note...my mother is a 12 year survivor and told me to let you know she is available to you Connie for questions, advice, or just someone to talk with. 262.248.8618
    I will update the progress here as it comes together....

    As you have been for the 30 some odd years I've known you (geesh) you are an amazing source of strength....

  2. Thank you so much, Tom, for both your concern and your fundraising efforts. It was nice talking to you, also, and I'm sure I will again soon. As for calling your mom, every time I even think of it it reminds me of the time I called her to ask how to separate an egg... She actually was very helpful in that case and I have no doubt she would be now!!! Thanks again.

  3. LOL...I remember that too.....makes me think of when you made me breakfast..runny eggs toast ..lol...did you notice the picture I put up was me in a tacky 80's garb...with my cat boneser...if you remember that is the same shirt I snuck into your locker your sophomore year so you'd have something heavy metal to wear to our show at some catholic high school in Burlington..I actually have a picture of you in the front row wearing it....oh the 80's fashions ...what were we thinking .....

  4. Hey...I can't figure out how to post anywhere else but here....I'm that bright...
    I started offering random wine glasses to any of our customers that donated 2 dollars or more to help Connie. So far it has been a great success, with many donors returning the glass for the next donor. We are contacting friends around the area here to chip in by donating any old, new or used
    wine glasses that we can offer.
    If anyone in the Geneva Lakes area would like to donate some glasses, they can drop them off at Ma and Pa Kalb's house 406 Maxwell St. Lake Geneva WI